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Lord's Ranch

Program type: Inpatient - Residential Treatment
Description: The Lordís Ranch Program offers two separate programs: a High Intensity Program treats residents with very serious emotional/behavioral problems. Regular Residential Care accepts residents with moderate to severe emotional/behavior problems. In both programs, residents are placed in a specialized treatment program based on their individual needs. These program elements include several options: sexual Issues, Adolescent Reaction, Impulse Control, Chemical Dependency, Post Adoption Issues, Abuse Recovery.
About Program:
Staff to client ratio:
Staff credentials:
Licensed within state: No
Accredited school on site: No

Cost per day:
Financial assistance available: No

Spiritual component: Yes
Christian programming: Yes
Family counseling available: Yes
Able to conduct physical restraint: No

Christian programming
has a spiritual component
recreation program
job coaching
life skills programming
Mailing Address:
Box 700
Warm Springs, AR 72478

Physical Location:
Same as mailing address



About Clients:
Gender: Male and Female
Typical age: 12 and under, 12-17
Number of clients at facility:
Average length of stay:
Placed by judicial system:

Willing participation required: No
Minimum acceptable motivation:

Presenting Problems:
Maximum acceptable levels of client's problem entrenchment at this facility. See Key below. In other words, how intense are the problems of people involved with this program or facility.

Abused by Others - Emotionally: 
 » 3
Abused by Others - Physically: 
 » 3
Abused by Others - Sexually: 
 » 3
Addiction - Alcohol: 
 » 2
Addiction - Drugs: 
 » 2
Addiction - Sex: 
 » 2
Adoption issues: 
 » 3
 » 2
 » 3
 » 3

What does the 0 to 6 scale represent? »

Involvement Key
No involvement in the problem area
Minimal involvement in the problem area, resulting in only a few symptoms. Daily functioning is not affected.
Moderate involvement in the problem area but only somewhat impairs normal functioning.
Frequent involvement in the problem area and is demonstrating impairment in daily functioning.
Involvement in the problem has begun to create severe symptoms and the client is unable to solve problems on their own, but can discuss in a reasonable manner.
Involvement in the problem has begun to create extremely severe symptoms and daily demands have become difficult to meet.
The problem has become totally incapacitating and the lack of stability is causing a concern for the safety of the client and others.

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