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Do not make the mistake I made. I can help you find the right therapeutic school or program for your teenager...

Several years ago I put my own teenage son in a therapeutic school. That program was a big mistake. So after much research I found a great program and moved him there. After experiencing a bad program, and a good one, I decided to help other parents find the right program to begin with, to prevent the heartache and financial loss that I experienced. Now I talk to dozens of parents daily, matching them up with boarding schools that can best help their teenager. I visit most of these schools and receive regular reports from parents who have placed their teenager there. So I am in a unique position to help you in this important decision. There is NO CHARGE for this service.

Need help finding the right therapeutic boarding school, therapeutic wilderness program, counselor or other help? Teen Help Finder is a FREE service designed to help you through the maze of programs to find the best match: one that matches your finances, your family's goals, and your teen's need for therapy and care. Please call us. We will never ask for a dime in return.

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Therapeutic boarding schools that provide troubled teens with the help and counseling that troubled teens need. Residential boarding schoolsthat serve teens from Texas, California, Oregon and Washington on the West Coast and Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Nevada in the Southwest, from Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, and Mississippi, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois in the Central States, from Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Idaho in the north, and from Georgia, Florida, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New Jersey along the east coast. Teens come to Heartlight from throughout the U.S. and Canada. These schools have residents from every major city in America, including from homes: in Boston, in New York, in Pittsburgh, in Philadelphia, in Washington, in Richmond, in Atlanta, in El Paso, in Denver, in Colorado Springs, in Salt Lake City, in Phoenix, in Scottsdale, in Tucson, in Albuquerque, in Las Vegas, in Los Angeles, in Long Beach, in Thousand Oaks, in San Diego, in Orange, in Ventura, in San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Honolulu, Portland, in in Seattle, in Orlando, in Miami, in Fort Lauderdale, in West Palm Beach, in Tampa, in Nashville, in Chattanooga, in Columbus, and in Toledo and Cleveland. Also, cities like Ann Arbor, Detroit, Sterling Heights, Grand Rapids, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, New Orleans and Little Rock. Teens comes to these boarding schools also from the West and schools in Oklahoma City, in Dallas, in Fort Worth, in Houston, in Austin, Tacoma and Spokane.